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Attention, attention, the workforce management software playing field has now been leveled

February 09, 2016 | Time & Attendance

It’s true. No longer do the big boys have the upper hand, a leg-up, lead by the nose and any other body parts that come to mind.  That’s because, as Bob Dylan said, “For the times they are a-changin’.”

In the past, it was pretty much par for the course for the bigs to throw a lot of computer power and an army of internal people at workforce management software implementations, without a tremendous amount of regard for their customer’s wallet. Installations would stretch on for months, if not longer, and collective invoices would stretch on for feet, if not yards. And to add insult to injury, many workforce management software implementations involved multiple vendors that included a variety of integrations coupled with a variety of customer anxieties. But now, workforce management solutions have changed, and your company can take the next steps of getting what the bigs were offering, but at a fraction of the price.

Here’s how the playing field has been leveled with companies like Workloud quickly gaining market share in the human capital management industry.

  • Cloud computing technology has revolutionized the industry, eliminating the need for costly implementations that are long and arduous
  • End-to-end workforce management solutions, like Workloud’s, diminish the need for multiple vendor applications, consequently reducing costs and implementation times
  • With delivery of applications, information and content via the cloud, accessibility has never been greater, so smaller companies can provide similar workforce management solutions to customers that are similar to the resources delivered by larger companies, but usually at a fraction of the cost

Here’s what’s happening. Workforce management software customers have more affordable choices than ever before.  And not just for one solution like labor scheduling or absence management, but for an entire suite of products. Today, small companies can implement the same advanced technologies as larger companies can, but at a fraction of the deployment cost.

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Originally published February 9, 2016, updated January 24, 2018
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