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Putting Workforce Management in the Palm of Their Hands

March 14, 2016 | Workforce Management

Let’s face it, we’re well past the tipping-point in mobile phone usage versus other devices. In 2015, device usage for mobile clocked-in at 51% surging past desktops and laptops at 42% and other devices at just 7%. And there’s no end in sight, which is exactly why you need to set your sights on the best possible mobile experience for your employees. If your workforce management software does not provide a superior mobile experience to your staff, then you might want to consider changing your scheduling software.

Strong communication has always been the bedrock of employee alignment with your company’s objectives. But today, with employees attached to their phones like a mountain climber attached to her rope, your workforce scheduling communication needs to contain a strong mobile presence. In fact, a Nielsen study showed that smartphone users accessed an average of 26.7 apps per month and spent 37 hours and 28 minutes per month interacting with those apps. With statistics like that, shouldn’t time and attendance tools and absence management software have a strong mobile component?

In research conducted by Workloud, the most common workforce management type of information that’s shared with employees is as follows:

  • Employee schedules
  • Availability to work additional hours
  • Ability to request time off
  • Use of information to add balance to employees’ personal and work life

In the end, mobile applications from Workloud can help create a more engaged workforce, and we all know that employees who are more engaged become the solution as opposed to part of the problem.

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Originally published March 14, 2016, updated January 24, 2018
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