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Essex County Case Study

June 09, 2016 | Case Studies

Essex County Corrections facility is located in Newark, New Jersey. They efficiently transitioned to the Workloud workforce management software application in December of 2013. With more than 700 employees who are responsible for the security and daily activities of hundreds of inmates, the Workloud solution was needed to manage more than 70 unique jobs and 30 different shifts.


In the past, Essex County schedulers struggled to maintain up-to-date records on job assignments and shift changes. For each of the three main shift groups, one full time scheduler is responsible for tracking leave requests, job swaps and last minute shift fills. At the start of each of the three shifts, a report called the ‘Roll Call’ is produced and distributed to dozens of floor supervisors. Staffing changes are constant, and each change, even seconds before the report is produced, needs to be captured and updated to avoid gaps. This volatile and time sensitive scheduling environment required a faster and more effective workforce management tool.

Room For Improvement


Previous to Workloud, issues like long load times to view employee schedules and limited accessibility to the application were the norm. Because of this,and a constantly changing daily schedule, many inconsistencies between actual and scheduled labor occurred, resulting in wasted time spent correcting schedules instead of maintaining up to date records.

A majority of the staffing changes were due to employees waiting until the last minute to request time off or calling in sick. Schedulers cited peak call-out and leave request times to be ninety minutes leading up to their scheduled shift. There was a lack of engagement and consideration when it came to employees and their own schedules.

The Solution Was Workloud


Before the Workloud solution, employees and their schedules were disconnected; there was no haste for requested time off or sick days and schedulers were always scrambling. When something went wrong with the schedules, Essex County IT would be forced to troubleshoot, and time and money working with remote support teams.

Today, Workloud’s web based solution has introduced mobile applications to employees that allow them to request time off and view schedules from their phones or home computers. This has put the schedules back into the hands of the workforce, which has resulted in increased employee engagement. Essex County IT is no longer responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting a scheduling software solution. With the web-based Workloud application, it is the Workloud support team that makes sure the system is operating efficiently.

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Originally published June 9, 2016, updated December 6, 2017
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