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Why the public safety market is moving to paperless scheduling

June 28, 2016 | Workforce Management

Let’s face it, you never saw any public safety personnel working on schedules in your favorite cop shows. Scheduling labor, particularly using spread sheets and other rudimentary organizational tools, does not make for great television, or business for that matter. In fact, public safety is now taking a cue from the business sector and ditching manual workforce management tools in favor of technologically advanced scheduling solutions that turn the tedious and boring into innovative and efficient.

Whether it’s police departments, fire departments, dispatch units or correctional facilities, there’s no denying the fast-moving trend for public safety organizations to adopt workforce management software solutions. And we’re certainly thankful it’s happening so quickly. By simplifying the processes and procedures, public safety officers can focus on keeping us safe rather than having to spend administrative time on manual labor scheduling. The results have been quite remarkable:

  • Significant reductions in volume of paper utilized, and elimination of time consuming, resource-draining manual workflows
  • Streamlined employee communication with access to schedules through web and mobile phones
  • Enhanced abilities to manage and reduce overtime, which is critical as department budgets are stretched more thinly than ever before
  • Simplified complex scheduling utilizing features like demand driven scheduling, absence management solutions, and time and attendance software

These results dictate a trend of public safety organizations adopting new workforce management solutions at a rate that will only increase in the coming years.

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Originally published June 28, 2016, updated December 6, 2017
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