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Understanding, it's the key to understanding.

The great Sir Winston Churchill said, “Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” Yes sir, you are correct, even though you weren’t talking about technology, or even more specifically, employee scheduling software and solutions.

Let’s say, for instance, that you’ve invested in various Time & Attendance software, some HR solutions, and maybe even a Learning Management application. Will these solve the problems of the past, today? The key word here is “various”, or as we say in the trade “disparate”. The answer, of course, is probably not. Rarely do disparate solutions provide actual solutions. So what you need to do is take a step back, yes, that’s history, and figure out the problems that need to be solved so they’re not repeated as our man Winston had suggested we do.

Let’s just say that today’s problems consist of the following concerns:

  1. The weekend is fast approaching and you need to plan for overtime hours, but the CFO has directed you to limit overtime hours
  2. A production line is shut-down and you have 8 employees that need to be relocated until the repairs are completed
  3. The flu has hit the plant and people are dropping like flies
  4. Next week’s production schedule has been posted, but based on late demand surges, the schedule needs to be revised today
  5. 6 new employees arrived today and they need training immediately

So, how do your disparate systems work to alleviate these problems? They don’t, this is the perfect case where technology actually inhibits progress rather than promoting it. Because these are concerns that have no doubt occurred before, it’s also a case of history repeating itself.

With the right workforce management system, you’ll already know how to make the right decisions almost instantaneously.

  1. Avoiding too much overtime will be easy this weekend because you already know who has worked the maximum hours and who isn’t available because of PTO
  2. You already know the skills and certification of those 8 employees who were displaced, so reassigning them is simple
  3. It really doesn’t matter if people are calling in sick or demand surges; you’re in control because you know who has volunteered to come in early or work the weekend
  4. Yes, we already know that some rookies are going to be on the production line, but you have the information about the most senior employees and their skill levels for them to help out
  5. And you can do all of this without missing a beat; that’s because you’re using your tablet or mobile device to launch the needed communications

With employee scheduling and workforce management solutions from Workloud, you can use the mistakes made in the past to make better decisions today and into the future. After all, Sir Winston also said, “History is written by the victors.” Let’s be victorious together.

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Originally published July 27, 2016, updated December 6, 2017
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