Real Time Management Whitepaper

August 09, 2016 | Whitepapers

workloud_white_paper_icon_6In business, the ripple effects of daily decision-making extend throughout a company’s operations. From human resources to supply chain to profit margins, every action taken by labor and management connects with a company’s other short-term and long-term activities. As a result, decisions made in an instant often shape events during the same hour, or the same day, or the same week, or the same year.

In manufacturing, for instance, a production line can break down. This displaces workers who had been scheduled to that line and must now be reallocated—and in a way that is most cost-effective for the company but without breaking union agreements or ignoring company goals.

In healthcare, a change in overall patient census or acuity might require a reallocation of nurses with various certification levels. Or, in retail, customer throughput can spike or drop unexpectedly; what’s best for the business might be to add or remove employees from a current staffing situation. Or not. But,if so, what is the most efficient, effective track to take?

Businesses need answers to these and many other questions whenever decisions are made. More importantly, though, the answers must be accurate and provide trackable results.

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