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Time & Attendance Software Solutions

September 07, 2016 | Time & Attendance

The Future Can Be Found In The Data

For quite some time, Time & Attendance software solutions have remained pretty much the same. I guess it’s fair to say that time has stood still for Time & Attendance applications. Oh sure, the pricing models have changed and it’s easier and more common to integrate with other third-party applications, but the functionalities for tracking, recording and archiving remain pretty much the same.

More recently, the changes surrounding Time & Attendance software have taken place in the palm of your hand. With mobile setting the pace in virtually every software application that we can dream of, it’s not surprising that Time & Attendance solutions are following suit with employees interacting through mobile time cards, and supervisors managing and approving all sorts of Time & Attendance rules and requests from their tablets as they increase employee engagement by being mobile themselves, rather than tethered to their desks.

But watch out in the years to come because the times they are a changin’. Time & Attendance software will be driven by Machine Learning where system insights and data science will determine patterns, behaviors and extremes in every aspect of the functionalities found in Time & Attendance software – both in human and in enterprise outcomes. Late punches, missed shifts, and even bizarre excesses will take on a new meaning, perhaps even a bit predictive in nature, than what we have seen for many years now. Machine Learning will drive new processes, enhance efficiencies, and, most likely, bring new approaches to workforce management in general, and Time & Attendance solutions in particular.

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Originally published September 7, 2016, updated December 6, 2017
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