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Time & Attendance Software Solution: Is This A Good Investment?

In 2016, workers in the manufacturing sector tallied nearly one trillion dollars in wages and benefits based on an annual compensation per manufacturing employee of $82,023 in total earnings and ...
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Vacation Planning: Is it too early to plan?

The American workforce receives some of the least vacation days in the world, and research has found that in spite of the little time-off afforded to the U.S. workers, many are reluctant to even take ...
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Workforce Compliance in Manufacturing: What does it mean to you?

The Industrial Revolution in America began taking shape in 1760 and continued at a record pace until as late as 1840. Although the Revolution was known primarily for the transition from manual ...
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Knowledge Is Power: Know Your Labor violations, Avoid Penalties

Have you spent thousands of dollars paying off labor violations?  If so, you might want to review these violations because the U.S Department of Labor just increased their penalties this year.  We ...
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