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Knowledge Is Power: Know Your Labor violations, Avoid Penalties

April 02, 2018 |

Have you spent thousands of dollars paying off labor violations?  If so, you might want to review these violations because the U.S Department of Labor just increased their penalties this year.  We have compiled the most common and most expensive violations for you to get started on knowing and understanding different labor violations - just for you! 


This guide will help you understand some of the violations.  You can also avoid these violations by having a workforce management software, such as Workloud to manage overtime, overstaffing, vacation planning, and many more! Workloud can handle multiple sites and the most complex rules to help you focus on other important aspects of your company.  Here at Workloud, we do not only help you avoid penalties, we also help you avoid unnecessary headaches caused by penalties.

Originally published April 2, 2018, updated April 2, 2018
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